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The best place to buy a birthday gift

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

*This is a sponsored post. I only work with brands that I already have the intent to purchase from or have used products from in the past as to keep my own personal brand authenticity.

David's birthday is in a few days and I was trying to figure out what to get him and happened to get in touch with a wonderful gifting site called Oparix. Perfect timing, amirite?! The company is a female-owned business and local to LA.

After browsing the site, I found what I would get. David loves Star Wars and I love cookies. David also likes cookies (except peanut-butter flavored ones), but that is beside the point. So, I decided on getting him these Star Wars cookie cutters.

Aside from the variety of gift options, Oparix has a pretty large selection of cards. Once you choose a design, you add your message and then A ROBOT writes out the note for you. It made me a little envious to see how neat the cursive looks and reminded me that I need to brush up on my penmanship. I chose a classic 'Happy Birthday' card, but I was this close to getting something pizza related.

Now, onto the presentation! I received the shipment within 2 days and was really excited to open the box and hide it from David. First off, inside the shipping box is a gift wrapped so nicely with kraft paper, twine and a wax seal of a bee; my one and only favorite insect. Second, the cookie cutters are SO cool and looked exactly as they did on the site. David will be out of town for a few days, but will be back right before his birthday so my game plan is to bake cookies, clean everything up, give David his card, and eat cookies. Check out my IG stories often because I'll definitely be sharing his reaction!

xx P

What's the best gift you've ever gifted someone?



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