Piera Pizzo is a social media expert, influencer, and on-air personality. A native New Yorker now living in Los Angeles, Piera currently manages Digital Marketing and Social Media at Quilt. 

Piera is a veteran of the social media world, with a decade of experience in social media marketing. Specializing in multi-platform social strategy and content creation, Piera has overseen social channels for a variety of top brands, including Evite, Steve Madden, Betsey Johnson, and Superga USA.


Always at the forefront of trends, Piera believes in drawing real, lasting engagement by creating a strong, meaningful community around a humanized brand. 


Outside of the office, you can find Piera thrifting at your local estate sale, or enjoying a slice (or two) of pizza.

Services and Skills

Digital Marketing, Social Media Strategy, Social Analytics, Paid Social, Content Creation, Copywriting, Brand Voice Development, Social Listening, Community Engagement, Adobe Photoshop, On-air Personality & Host, , Prop Styling..