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My New Workout Uniform

This is a sponsored post. I publish my honest opinion and only work with brands if I'd use them organically.

You might've seen posts from me on Instagram in my latest workout set from Ellie Activewear every month, but I haven't shared my full review of the brand yet so let me tell you now. I was first introduced to this brand at the Mashup LA event back in November '19. The first thing I noticed, was how beautiful the set patterns and how vibrant the top and pants were. After speaking with some of the Ellie Activewear team and learning more about the brand, I was excited to partner with them and share their designs with you.

Ellie Activewear is a curated monthly activewear subscription service. What I like about them is that you can choose the outfit you want and that you can skip months and cancel anytime if you need to. Plus, if the size you chose doesn't completely fit they will replace it at no charge. Get 25% off your first box with code 25FEBINF.

For me, being part of this subscription service gives me something to look forward to every month (other than getting bills in the mail), a motivation for getting stronger and feeling expressive and fashionable when I'm working out.

I received my first set in December and let me tell you how much I LOVED the print - a lavender floral print that didn't look too girly? Yes, please. Obviously, I put the set (called Floral Bliss) on within 10 minutes of receiving it. Once, I had everything on, I noticed how the fabric was really thick on the pant. I appreciated that it was truly high waisted and didn't loosen with movement, and that the bottoms reached my ankles. The sports bra has some support; my favorite part is the racerback lavender string. The third item that came with the set was a jacket. I hadn't thought about welt pockets until I put the jacket and realized how convenient they were for some extra warmth when walking around in the morning. Plus, it has pockets and a funnel neck! I just started personal training at this time so the timing of setting everything couldn't be more perfect.

Onto month two, January. I chose a print and color I wouldn't normally choose: light purple with hummingbirds. Activewear I've worn in the past has either been too thin in fabric or a boring print, but since I had already experienced wearing Ellie, I knew I could wear the set while working out and not worry about how I'd look in it. This is now one of my favorite workout sets (called Paradise Cove) to wear because of how colorful it is. And, it weirdly motivates me to go for a run and get stronger. It did come with a lavender racerback tank top, but I usually work out in just the sports bra and pant.

Now, I'm on month three and am still enjoying this subscription service. Because Ellie Activewear just launched a 2-item subscription, I received two pieces of a set (called Hidden Gem) this time: a sweatshirt and pant. I don't really wear sweatshirts because they are usually too chunky or look sloppy, but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw how thin, but warm and soft the pullover was. Plus, it is in a color I rarely wear, blush pink. At first, I didn't think I'd like the pant because it had a laser cut detail at the bottom, but they are growing on me. The reason I don't totally love them is because I usually wear funky socks and they clash with these pants as you can see through with the laser detail. I have a feeling I'll change my tune when it's summertime and I'll be wearing shorter, thinner socks.

I'll keep ya updated when I get my next set and show you what I chose. If you haven't checked out Ellie Activewear, you can check them out here and get 25% off your first box with code 25FEBINF.


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