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How I Dealt with Getting Let Go of my 'Dream Job'

Updated: Dec 31, 2018

Every year, around this time I think about the day I was let go of my 'dream job.' I remember the feelings I felt: sad, inadequate, and frustrated. I had the expertise, creativity and knowledge to get the job done - and well with limited resources. It was a very stressful job as most social media jobs are. Working pretty much 24/7. I was mostly shocked and felt betrayed since it was 3 days before Thanksgiving and I had a whole productive day of meetings, proposed new campaign ideas (that got approved that day) and even I planned on creating content for the following week during Thanksgiving break.

This job was my priority. I loved it so much. Around 5pm I was called into the Director's office and saw the HR lady with my Manager. I knew something was up - and just as I was about to go home on the subway with 2 full bags of product to shoot! I was told I was let go. Let me tell you I was not composed. Nope, not one bit. I cried like really ugly cried, couldn't catch my breath while speaking cried. I couldn't understand why, but honestly looking back now I am so happy it happened.

Anyways! Days after I sent emails to everyone saying how I enjoyed by time working with them (#professional) and received nice messages back, one reply particularly stood out because at the time I didn't believe it, but now do. A co-worker told me that getting let go was a blessing in disguise and that one day I'd be so happy somewhere else and that it would all make sense later. She was speaking from experience and now, years later I believe and thank her.

So, if you are reading this either because you follow my blog (thank you) or found it via the rabbit hole of the internet (also, thank you) remember that jobs are just jobs. They aren't the end all be all. There was a job before and there will be one after. You might have a job you hate in the interim (this happened to me), but it pays the bills, puts food on your plate and hopefully gives you decent insurance!

I recommend refreshing your resume and editing out any extra info that doesn't serve the job your are searching for, updating and upgrading your LinkedIn account (if it makes sense for your field), writing down your strengths and what you bring to the role you want to fill, and network. Practice pitching yourself in the mirror, say out loud what you will accomplish that day, week, month and build your confidence back up -you got this!

x P



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