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You are lookin' at the new Dazey L.A. Ambassador

Super exciting news: I'm one of the new Dazey L.A. ambassadors! Haven't heard of Dazey L.A.? Wondering WTF being an Ambassador means? Lemme break it down.

Dazey L.A. is a company created by lady boss, Dani. I first met Dani and discovered the brand when I participated in a Gurl Museum Day art meet-up last year. Prior to that, I had no idea this existed. In came Dani and I immediately wanted her entire outfit as it looked like she stepped out of the 70's and into the Hauser & Wirth museum (we were viewing the Jason Rhoades exhibit at the time). Side note: at the time I also noticed we had the same exact Dream Collective eye ring, which I can no longer find online, sorry.

Anyways, Dani shared her story of how she started: how she loved fashion, illustration, art and began to translate her designs onto clothing. She also mentioned how she wanted to keep the production local. All of her products are handmade in Los Angeles (oh hey, local business). Another cool thing about this Dazey L.A. is the fact it thrives on being slow fashion. So many pieces of clothing are part of the fast fashion craze where anything you buy looks good for about 2-3 washes and then disintegrates into dust (um, hello Zara). I know I am guilty of purchasing these types of items on occasion, but this year, one of my #2018resolutions is to purchase more items from local businesses, ideally women-owned, and not so much larger brands. I'm on track as at least 50% of my closet is either vintage or thrifted.

And the ambassador part? It means I get to spread the word about Dazey L.A. to as many people as humanly possible. Also, sharing the mission of Dani's brand, which is to "inspire, encourage, and support fellow females in their endeavors." Amazing, right?

Now, check out Dazey L.A. for all of Dani's handmade products from clothing to accessories and swimsuits. There are some rad collaborations she's had with other local women-owned brands, too! I just purchased this uterus tank top, which I can't wait to wear because winter does not exist in LA.

Comment if you've heard of this brand, haven't heard of it, are going to buy something, etc!


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