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Dressed by the Deck: Disruption Card

Nothing disrupts an outfit like a pair of high waisted pleather pants + 5 inch rainbow platforms named after you. This week, I mixed prints, textures, and colored outside the (eye) line. #dressedbythedeck

I started with my favorite recent find from @crossroadstrading, a metallic pink leather crop jacket. I layered a lace long sleeve top from my @freepeople retail days with a leopard print tank from @goodwillsocal. I debated between comfy pink slacks before deciding on these @iamgia stunners (also found at @crossroadstrading).

Since the pants are super long, I decided the @stevemadden Piera heels would be a fun electric finish. Add on layered necklaces, pink and silver liner with a bold lip and voilà, the pink disruption in living form.



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