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Where To Go in Greece 🇬🇷

I just wrapped up my almost 2 weeks in Greece and it was wonderful! I wish I could've stayed a little longer. I saved every single place I visited and am sharing the spots that were my favorite.


After traveling for almost 23 hours in 3 planes, I made it to Santorini. I highly recommend booking a taxi driver before you land as it is a bit chaotic when you leave the airport. My friends and I stayed at an Airbnb in Thira, which is a good spot for nightlife and shopping. In terms of getting around in town, there are buses that shuttle you all around the island so make sure you have small Euros (2-4) around.

  • Wet Stories: if you are looking for a relaxing day at a black sand beach this is the place to go. I recommend going at 10am so you can choose where you want to sit and be sure to make reservations a day in advance. This place has food, drinks and big comfy day beds.

  • Spicy Boutique: they have 4 (!!!) sister stores all around the block from each other with Greek designer clothes and accessories. I mention this store because it was priced well and the selection was amazing.

  • Argo: sunsets in Santorini are a big deal and this restaurant gives you a pretty view of it while you sip a glass of wine. Come here for a drink and light appetizer.

  • Elia: come here for dinner. The food is plentiful and so delicious.

  • Kokkalo: come here for dinner and make sure you are hungry because the portions are massive. The welcome you with a shot of Raki, which is now my new favorite drink.

  • Niko's Place: this is located in the town of Oia and the best place to get a gyro!


You have the option to take a plane or ferry to hop from island to island. I recommend the ferry as it takes 2-3 hours and gives you a chance to rest. With the ferry, you should schedule a driver to pick you up. I have to say, I feel Mkyonos is overrated. Maybe it was the time of year (August), but it seemed super flashy and a bit snobby (aside from the below places, which were wonderful).

  • Absolut Mykonos: this hotel was wonderful and had such an amazing view. The food was yummy, and the infinity pool was never crowded. The hotel is a 10 minute walk to town so that made exploring easier.

  • Jimmy's Gyros: if there is one place you go to eat, go to Jimmy's. The place is open 24/7, is filled from floor to ceiling of Jimmy and what I can only assume are the thousands of customers who have eaten there since the 70's (maybe 60's?).

  • Windmills of Kato Mili: windmills are a big attraction here and the location is conveniently near all the shops and restaurants. It makes for a REALLY good sunset experience.

  • Negrita Bar: this is where the locals hangout. It was a bit hard to find, but when we did it was worth it. It is located literally on the edge of the island (Little Venice) where waves crash right up next to you.

  • Katerina's Restaurant: we found this place by accident. The story is badass. The woman who opened this place was the first professional female captain in Greece at 18 years old. Aside from the history, the food portions are large and the drinks are delicious. Please get the Zombie cocktail and try to figure out what's in it.

  • Nammos: this is a destination if you want a beach party all day/night long. Make reservations (and make sure you get confirmation emails) for a table by the beach. The music STARTS around 6pm and goes until the next morning.


Now, by this part of the trip I got sun poisoning (wear sunscreen and hydrate!). Maybe it was because I thought Mykonos is overrated or the fact that I had been spending way too much time in the sun even though I was wearing the biggest hats I found find. So, I was unable to do most of the activities planned so I'm only recommending things from my experience.

  • Melissinos Art - The Poet Sandal Maker: Let me start by saying Lily Tomlin got her shoes custom made here along with Sophia Loren and John Lennon. Come here to get the only Greek souvenir you need.

  • Mystic Pizza: because I had sun poisoning, pizza was the best thing to eat (I mean it always is, but still) and this was local to our Airbnb. It is actually one of the few places I saw that had vegan options. Plus, they cook with organic cannabis and the music selection is one you'll need Shazam for.

  • 360 Cocktail Bar: it has 360 views of the city and a pretty delicious BLT sandwich and fruit smoothies.

And there you have it! There are other places I visited on this trip, but these were my favorite. If you go to Greece, please send me your recommendations!

xx P



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