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What to Pack for a Trip Abroad

I tend to pack light when I travel. I used to be that person who brought EVERYTHING with a carry on and 1-2 full suitcases. After traveling around with heavy bags, waiting for bags, losing bags, and stressing out about the weight of bags, I gave all but one of the bags up. I now travel with one carry-on and a large tote, which is considered my personal item since my wallet is in it. I bought my carry-on from Tumi and I love it. It has traveled with me for 4+ years, I can fit everything I need in it and it is easy to clean. Since I'm planning for another international trip in a few days, I'm sharing my go-to packing list. Mainly, so I don't forget anything, but hopefully this helps you when traveling, too!

The Necessities

These are the things you'll absolutely need when traveling abroad. Mind you, some of these items will need to be in TSA approved sizing.

  • Your passport and license. Make sure both of these aren't expiring any time soon!

  • Foreign Currency

  • Carry on. I swear by Tumi and I have recommended this bag to so many of my friends and they love them --they're sturdy, well made and have a warranty.

  • Large tote to fit things that don't fit in your carry on. I like to put my makeup/toiletries in this bag since it is usually easier to find things during TSA checks

  • Toothbrush because who wants something that doesn't have an encasement while traveling. Don't forget the toothpaste!

  • Silk Travel Neck Pillow & Eye Mask. I need to sleep when I'm on a long flight and this is the only way it happens. Add in earplugs if kids are on the flight.

  • Face mask. Have you SEEN that Naomi Campbell video??!

  • Travel Adapter

  • Portable Charger

  • Headphones. I made the epic mistake of forgetting headphones on a flight from New York to London once and not realizing it until I was on the plane mid-flight. See, I had headphones for my phone, but Apple had just changed the shape so it didn't work on the plane. I was able to get disposable ones from the a flight attendant, but they didn't work!

  • Bandaids. I take at least 10

  • Tissues

  • Mini Notebook. I usually get the best ideas when I am on a plane so it is alway nice to have something to write on. For some reason, I like it more than writing in my notes app on my phone.

  • Pen(s). So you can actually write in the notebook.

  • Fanny Pack

  • Instant Camera and film. I like to add some fun to my photos with rainbow or confetti film

  • Socks. I like to wear compressions socks on my flight or slippers because bloating in the air is real. Plus, you'll want several pairs for when you walk around the hotel or AirBnb

  • Sunscreen. Since I have vitiligo and try not to tan I use 70 SPF

  • Makeup Remover

  • Facial Lotion

  • Rosewater

  • Facial Cleanser

  • Tweezer. Because your eyebrows should always be looking fierce

  • Chapstick

  • Makeup. Bring the essentials: primer, mascara, concealer, lipstick, bronzer, and blush. Plus, for nights out, I like to add some fun colors with eyeliner, highlighter and eyeshadow.

  • Hair Care. Since I (currently) have orange hair, I need different shampoos and conditioner than most people. For this reason Olaplex is my go-to for everything.

What to Wear

Depending on where and when you're traveling this will change. I'm going to Greece in August so it will be quite warm. I'll be packing lighter than usual since I won't need boots or bulky sweaters and jackets.

  • Swimsuit. Bring at least one - my go to is a patterned one piece

  • Hat. The bigger the better. Optional: a different color so you have a hat for every outfit

  • Cover Up. You need 'em when traveling in a beach town so I recommend a dress looking one OR a pair of high-waisted pants. I'm a sucker for anything leaf print!

  • Since there will be lots of walking on uneven terrain, sandals and sneakers are the way to go. I recommend Birkenstocks even though I thought I would NEVER own a pair (I now own 3) and a pair of pretty low-heeled sandals for a night out

  • Shorts

  • Dresses

  • Sweater

  • Night out bag


I like to prep in advance of my trip so I can fully get into vacation mode. I do this by doing the following:

  • Create a Spotify Playlist. I like to listen to music on the plane and since I don't usually pay for wifi I like to download the playlist ahead of time to get in the zone this way

  • Call Credit Card Company. Make sure all your credit card providers know you are traveling so your card doesn't get put on hold while you are trying to get cool souvenirs

  • Order Foreign Currency. Most banks have foreign currency on hand, but for some places it takes a few days to get the amount you want. You'll want to order at least one week in advance so you have enough money for meals, local markets and tipping

  • Hydrate. Drink more water than you usually would. This helps for the day-of flight where you get dehydrated by the minute.

  • Put on a facemask. Same as above, you'll want to prep your skin for the dry airplane air. Especially, if you'll be in-flight for more than 7 hours

  • Get a mani/pedi. I get gel nails done so I don't worry about chipping during my trip

  • Stretch. At home, at the airport before/after your flight, at the hotel. It makes such a difference on your body to move around after sitting up straight for hours at a time.

  • CBD anything. I like to bring CBD gummies with me to relieve my anxiety

  • Snacks. I am a snacker so for my flight I like to make sure I have things I can eat throughout the flight like a banana, trail mix, gum and/or chips.

Did I miss anything? What item(s) must you travel with??


xx P



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