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My favorite vintage and thrifting spots in LA

Thrifting in LA is better than New York. There, I said it. Since moving to LA, I realize thrifting is much more accessible than it was in New York - either the shop was thoroughly picked over or the prices were way too expensive for what the item is. If you ever are in LA these are a few of my favorite places. Not only is thrifting an inexpensive way to update your closet, it is good for the environment!

  • Squaresville. The prices are reasonable and the selection is pretty great for a small corner shop. They have options for men and women, which doesn't happen often. The selection of dresses and jumpsuits are my favorite thing about this place. They have really funky statement pieces!

  • The Bearded Beagle. This spot has 2 locations that I know of. Again, they have selections for men and women at decent prices. This is my go-to place for band tees.

  • Wasteland. There are several locations so you can shop all over LA. They are pretty picky with the items they take in (believe me I've sold there before) so the items are heavily curated and really cool. Lots of designer pieces so the price point is a little higher than the above places, but totally worth it.

  • Crossroads. There are multiple locations in LA and almost all over the country, but the best location is in West Hollywood. I'll say it is more of a hit or miss from the other shops since there's lots of Zara and other fast fashion brands, but there are chances to find cool gems.

  • Goodwill Southern California. Plan your visit before going as they often have special discount days! There's a wide range of furniture and what seems like endless racks of clothing for men, women and even kids. You do have to have patience since there's so much to look at. I found a lovely white dress that I paired with socks and heels (example below).

  • Worship Vintage. A curated vintage DREAM. They have a selection of men and women's clothing, shoes, and accessories. The shop is approachable and doesn't feel overwhelming. Plus, there's always good music playing while you browse.



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