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How Quarantine Has Changed My Communication Habits

Picture it: pre-quarantine. I'd take things personally, think deeply about my responses, and say 'maybe; or 'yes' when I really wanted to say 'no.' Fast forward to 5-months later: I take things personally 40% of the time, answer with my gut, and bluntly say no when I mean no. Quarantine has made me grow uncomfortably and quickly. Aside from feeling super bummed out about what's happening in the world and donating as much as my bank let's me, I've changed the way I communicate outwardly.

As an introvert, I have LOTS of conversations in my head. Like, full on conversations, thoughts, breakthroughs, and questions. Sometimes I talk out loud and David assumes I'm not talking to him, which he is correct to assume so. In quarantine, I've inadvertently figured out my priorities, what I care about, and lowered my level of 'care' of what others think of me. I have to thank Quilt for most of this. The women on there share their truest selves and just are themselves. They embrace it, which is quite refreshing in a world of filtered photos and 'every thing is perfect' captions.

We're all stuck with ourselves, but quarantine has made that VERY clear. I started talking positively to myself, embracing my stretch-marks that I've had since I was 12, and learning to say what I would say in my head, but not out loud. Here are the news ways I communicate (weirdly thanks to quarantine):

  • I say no when I want to actually say no (and ( don't feel guilty about it)

  • I am my most weird, authentic self. I let her be as free, silly, and creative, as she wants to be

  • I've stopped talking to 'friends' to be polite. If someone wants you in their life they will reach out and vice versa. If there is someone you haven't spoken to, but want to - take the first step. It isn't scary, I promise it will be worth it either way.

  • I communicate my feelings as they happen. Before, I'd wait for the so called negative feelings to pass like disappointment, anger, frustration. Now, I don't and as a result, I don't hold onto the feelings physically.

  • I vocalize when I want something. I was always taught to be nice and polite, but that doesn't get you anywhere when there's noise. Squeaky wheels gets the grease is a real life thing.

  • Needing to smile in my IG posts. If I don't want to smile, I don't. Life isn't perfect and I don't want to portray the illusion that I have my shit together or am always happy. It's okay to feel and showcase what you are going through in real time.

Have your communication habits changed in quarantine? Is this something you are working on or aware of now? Share in the comments - let's talk about it!



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