What to do when Facebook and Instagram are down?

Oh man, what a day! Both Facebook AND Instagram were (and still are at the time of this blog post) down today. A record 8, EIGHT hours of being unable to scroll through brand feeds, get updates from friends nor gather inspiration for your next influencer photoshoot. So, what could/should you do during this outage? I listed my top 10 recommendations.

  1. Go on Twitter (and follow me while you're at it). Twitter is LOADS of fun. The memes alone are enough to get an account there. Plus, you can find out when Facebook and Instagram are back online since Facebook had to tweet about the outage. Truly, one of the most memorable moments on social media this year so far.

  2. Go on Pinterest (yes, you can also follow me there as well). If you haven't used it before, Pinterest can be a great source of inspiration aside from Instagram. The home tab on Pinterest is what the explore page is to Instagram. Type in only one word and you'll get a plethora of results. I'm currently working on creating a mood board for an upcoming shoot I'm doing for a sponsored post. I love being able to see everything come together on a board - it tells me what color I need more or less of, the types of body movements and whether or not I should shoot up close or do a full outfit shot. Outfit inspiration is killer on Pinterest! I've got a board solely pinned with things I'd like to wear / should be out on the lookout for when thrifting.

  3. Read a book. What a twist! Yes, strike up a moment to get your eyes off a screen with either a book or a magazine. I've been wanting to get the latest issue of V Magazine since Gaga is on it.

  4. Call a friend or relative you haven't spoken to in a while. Use this time away from social media to talk to someone you've lost touch with. Even a 'hey!' will do to get the conversation started.

  5. Go for a walk. With daylight savings, you've got an extra hour to walk around and enjoy sunlight. Enjoy the fresh air, smell some flowers and enjoy being away from your phone for a while.

  6. Marie Kondo your space. That pile of clothes you've been meaning to organize can finally get cleaned up. Take it a step further and take those items to Goodwill so those second hand items can find a new home sooner rather than later.

  7. Do your taxes. LOL. If you haven't done your taxes yet, now is the best time to do them since you'll be less distracted.

  8. Paint or draw. Even if you think you aren't artistic take the time to de-stress and let your creativity flow. Coloring books count, too.

  9. Sleep. How many hours of sleep have you lost whilst scrolling? Make up for lost time and rest both your eyes, your mind AND body by going to sleep earlier than usual. The feeds will all (probably) be there tomorrow when you wake up.

  10. Cook. Skip a night of takeout, delivery or eating at a restaurant and whip up a meal with your own hands. You can even cheat a little by searching for a meal on Pinterest.

What're your recommendations?

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