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What hair color should I do next?

If you've been following me for a while you know that my hair has been almost every color of the rainbow. My natural hair color is dark brown, but I've been experimenting with different colors for a while now. I'm ready to change it up and figure out what color to do next. In thinking about the next color, I took a look back to see what I've done so far. Let's take a walk down memory lane!


My first color 'change'. It was a temporary spray on green color I got at Ricky's NYC. It got all over my clothes, but I loved it. I wore it for my favorite Halloween costume (and movie) of all time, Beetlejuice. I remember feeling SO confident with this new color. Add in the dramatic eye and lip makeup and I was feeling sassy AF!


A few months later I used the remainder of said temporary color spray for a big event. I also chopped off a few inches of my hair. I put on the temporary color to see Lady Gaga perform at Roseland Ballroom. I won tickets via a Twitter sweepstakes (always read the rules!) and got to see Gaga perform soundcheck front row. OH, and she called out my hair during Bad Romance. And I quote "Rahh-RAhh...I love your hair...AAHHhhH bad romance..." Never forget.


This was the blondest I've had ever been. I was feeling a little restless in New York and was looking for a change. It made sense to change my hair drastically and I ended up keeping this look for the rest of the year even after moving to LA.

2016, February

I had been in LA for a few months now. I was starting to feel comfortable and confident in my new city. I decided I wanted to GO FOR IT in terms of changing up my color. First, I had to bleach my hair since my hair is naturally so dark - the color won't stay otherwise. Like, really really bleach it. I gradually got blonder until my hair was ready to take in a vibrant color. Once I got to the blondest I could get I LOVED it. I felt very strong even though my hair was slightly fried.

2016, March

This was it. This was my BIG moment. My first real color change: purple. I researched many hours on Instagram scrolling to figure out which color would be my first and which shade would look best. Basically, what I also did was look at all the colors Gaga has done since we kind of have the same complexion (hello, I'm ITALIAN 🇮🇹). The lavender-purple look also went with the most colors in terms of clothing and seemed less drastic than other colors. Once I went purple I felt more like me, which is an amazingly strange, but wonderful feeling. The way I acted changed, the energy I was putting out changed. I remember walking around my neighbor and people would just sort of smile at me like the hair made them feel happy. It is a feeling that doesn't get old.

2016, June

I got bold. I went neon the roots. I didn't even do the whole head, just the top. Bits of lavender that got bleached turned a blueish hue at the tips and I loved it so much I decided to keep the remains and ended up with what I can only call a sorbet-colored style.

2016, October

Wow, I didn't realize how many different colors I had in one year! I was loving having vibrant hair that I wanted to have all the colors every couple of months. I couldn't get enough. I was also feeling more confident and I feel like that shows in the colors I chose. In a way, starting with lavender was a safe move. Blue was next on my list and I immediately learned that some colors don't mesh well with what my closet had to offer. During this time, I either had to temporarily stop wearing a piece of clothing, sell the item or donate it.


I went green. One of my favorite colors is emerald green so I decided to change up my color yet again. Looking back, it feels like an homage to the first time I experimented with my hair with that temporary spray. As if I went full circle and became the person I wanted to be and feel like when I initially sprayed the temporary color. Unfortunately, this color didn't last as long as the blue and purple. This shade quickly turned into teal then back to blue again. I recommend doing green before going blue because that blue does not come out easily! I did later re-dye my hair green again for another Halloween costume favorite of mine, The Joker.


I went back to my first color, purple. I feel the most like myself with this color. Strange, huh? It is true. I wake up in the morning and I might be feeling sad, but as soon as I look in the mirror and see the color I smile. I've had this color now for over a year now, which is more than the first go around. The fact that I've had this color so long and haven't gotten tired of it as quickly shows me how much more stable I am now than when I first dyed my hair (yay, me!) or maybe I just needed to get experiencing different colors out of my system.


My hair is still purple. A bit less vibrant, but there are shades of purples and blues (STILL) in there. I'm getting the itch to change it up. I'm thinking more orange and peach hues since I've already done cooler tones of blue and green.

I booked an appointment for next week to get a new color and I am SO excited for it! I hope my wardrobe matches.

Which hair color do you think I should do next?? Have your ever dyed your hair? If so, what was your favorite and why??!

xx P



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